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Mozaffarian history

For over 6 Generations the Mozaffarian family has been in the jewelry industry. During the Qajar Dynasty the 1st Generation Mozaffarian was the Shahs watch maker.

Then the Generations after the family moved into “The Grand Bazaar Of Tehran”, the heart of all trades in Persia. “It is known as the largest mall on the planet”.

Then through the Generations the family has expanded through out Tehran then the country & now the world.

The Mozaffarian family has been known for there elegant craftsmanship in the jewelry industry. Through the past 6 generations, when people hear the name Mozaffarian they think of fine Jewelry, Precious Gems & Diamonds. The Mozaffarian family has perfected the art of the
“Family Jeweler”.

For over 6 Generations of fine jewelers, the Mozaffarian family has tirelessly been committed to passing on their family’s legacy that the most important thing in our business is our customer. With each piece of tailored jewelry we are dedicated to brining our customers the best quality & design as well as a totally unique and personal piece of fine jewelry. Each Mozaffarian piece of fine jewelry is unique in that our jewelry is specifically tailored for our customers needs. Every creation is one of a kind, designed for you, using 3D computer & handcrafted work and what you get from us is a piece of art that is essentially a labor of love that will last through out generations to come.

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By, Saeed Mozaffarian
& Sons

Kambiz Mozaffarian & Kiarash Mozaffarian